Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is an adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions designed to meet almost any business need and provide confidence for your company’s ERP requirements. Microsoft Dynamics works seamlessly with other Microsoft products providing easy adoption and reducing the risks in implementing a new solution. These solutions automate and streamline financial, business intelligence, and supply chain processes in a way that can help drive your business further and achieve growth.

Let Raihana Consulting be your Microsoft Dynamics service partner, we are a fast growing software company providing custom innovative solutions and 24x7 support to meet the unique needs of your business and industry.

We differ from other providers by listening to the needs of our customers’ and excel in providing cost effective solutions to meet your budget.

Our Services
Enhancements and Innovative Solutions We provide customized Dynamics AX development that benefits companies by being more efficient, automated, and collaborative in their day-to-day business functions.
  • Core AX Application
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • Web based Reporting
  • EDI Integration
  • Workflows (i.e. Customer/Item)

Support and Maintenance
We pride ourselves in providing rapid support 24x7 and perform maintenance to keep your business running and minimized downtime with a dedicated support team.
  • Technical Support (i.e. Troubleshoot Application issues and monitoring)
  • Functional Support (i.e. Providing analysis and solution design/specifications)
  • Administration Support (i.e. Monitoring, Recovery operations, Upgrade and etc.)
  • Maintenance (i.e. Archiving, Database Maintenance, etc.)

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Modules