Data Archiving

Data Archiving

Raihana Consulting is a proven partner with expertise in providing data archiving services that enriches your Microsoft Dynamics AX Suite.

We utilize the Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF) a proven and market leader in AX Archiving.

From Microsoft:

“The Intelligent Data Management Framework for Microsoft Dynamics® AX helps administrators optimize Dynamics AX database layout by providing functionality to manage key database layout techniques, by way of intuitive Archiving and Purging capabilities.

The framework provides the platform for reduction in database size by purging and archiving of transactions records from sets of relating entities, while maintaining the consistency and integrity of production data.

The Intelligent Data Management Framework also analyzes the Production database to determine usage patterns and assesses the health of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application. This Framework is compatible with all supported versions of Dynamics AX.

Thanks to IDMF, companies will see the following benefits:
  • Better Performance
  • Better User Experience & Satisfaction
  • An Optimized and Efficient Database
  • Reduced costs for database management